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Preparing for Next School Year

In this article, you will learn how to setup your application to prepare for next school year.

Print Reports or Export Data

We always recommend that you export and print any reports that you might need audits and other purposes. One important report we recommend is the Transactions report. This has every ticket that was sold at an event, who it was sold to and how much it was sold for. To access this report, click on the Reports button available at the top bar and select the tab for Financial Report.

Clean up events

Clean Up Events
  • Use the check-boxes to select all events.

  • Click on the Deactivate button. Doing this will hide the events from your main screen. If you need to look at prior year events, you can click on the View Inactive Events button.

Next we recommend that you deactivate all your prior year events. To do so, click on the Events button at the top bar and select the tab for All Events. 

Clean Up Students Data

  • To do so, click on the System Settings
  • Next click on Mass Updates

  • Next select General Student Updates and then Mass Active / Deactivate and Deactivate students from All Grades

You need to remove all students from the prior school year.

Clean Up User Accounts

  • Click on the bottom-left button named System Settings.

  • Under the System Settings, click on the Users button available at the top bar. You can view all users in the staff section.

  • Select the checkboxes and system will show the button for Deactivate. This step is similar to deactivating all events.

The next step is to make sure you have deactivate all users that should not have have access to the software anymore. For example if you have given out student accounts you want to make sure they can no longer log into the application.

Update Account Status

  • You can renew your account with a PO / Check or Credit Card right from this page by clicking on the Renewal button.

Make sure your account is not going to expire when you need it. To check the status of your account, click on the Configure button at the top bar and select the tab for My Account. You can see your account expiration date.

Upload Students

  • Go to System Settings

  • Click on Students

  • Click on Upload Students

Now that your application is all cleared out it is time to get ready for the upcoming school year.
Uploading Students

For more details on uploading students please follow the directions here. 

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Create a New Event

Your Ticketing 4 Schools application is now ready.

You can now start creating events and checking in students. To learn more about adding events, click here.