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Financial Reports

In this article, you will learn about using the financial reports.

Profit / Loss

Profit Loss
  • By default, Profit / Loss tab is selected. You can also navigate to Taxes reports. Read below for more details.

  • Specify the Date Range and click on the Submit button to retrieve the search results.

  • You can download the search results in Excel spreadsheet or PDF format by clicking on the icon respectively. The file will be saved to your computer/device which you can refer to offline.

  • This report works well if you are tracking inventory. It will display information such as Product, Category (that the product belongs to), Quantity Purchased, Expenses, Quantity Sold, Income and Profit/Loss.

To access, click on the Reports button available at the top bar and select the tab for Financial Reports.


  • Select the tab for Taxes.

  • Specify the search criteria such as Date Range and POSClick on the Submit button to retrieve the results.

  • This report will break down by product taxes that were collected. If you are not collecting taxes, you will not need to run this report.