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Creating a Transaction

In this article, you will learn about creating a transaction.

Creating a Transaction
  • By default when you load the page, the curser will be in the Scan Barcode box, so if using a scanner you can scan your barcode right away. Once scanned, click on the Submit button.

  • Click on the product(s) required to add to the transaction.

  • You can scan a student ID or search for Student Name to associate the transaction to that particular student.

To access, click on the Sales button available at the top bar. On this page, you can view all products available in your Store.

Current Transaction

Current Transaction
  • Transaction type by default will be set to Sale. However, you can change it to return if necessary.

  • Clicking on the bin icon will delete individual items from the order.

  • By default the Payment type will be set to Cash. You can change this to log the payment type.

  • If you want to clear out the products from this transaction, click on the Cancel button.

  • Once a product has been added to the order, you can click on the Complete button to finish the order. You can also add a short note in the Memo textbox.

Read below to learn about the current transaction section.

Update Transaction

After making a change you will be prompted to update the page.
Returns and No Charge requires a teacher or admin password. Any Teacher or Admin password will work here in order to complete the sale.
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