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In this article, you will learn to manage the Check Ins. To access the Check In feature, click on the Event detail.

Event Check In

  • Select the tab for ‘Check-in’.

  • You can scan the student’s ID or search for the student via name or ID in the next textbox.

  • If the entered student ID is valid, the status of the selected student’s check-in will appear as shown in the image above. Press Enter to update the student record as checked-in.

In this article, we have selected an Event titled ‘Prom’.

Student Already Checked-In

checkin already checked in
  • Enter the ID of the student in the provided input fields.

  • You will get a warning message stating ‘already checked In‘. 

In case a student has already been checked-in, system would restrict duplicate entry.

Check-In Warning

You will get a warning message in red if the entered student ID is not eligible/permitted to attend an event.

Verify Guests

Verify Guests
  • Cancel – Will not check-in the guest or the host student.

  • No – Only the student will be checked-in, not the guest.

  • Yes – Student and the guest, both will be checked-in.

The system will notify if the student being checked-in has a guest.