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Upload Students

In this article, you will learn how to upload students into the Voting database. Follow the instructions below.

Excel / CSV File Format

To upload your student voters, you will need a Excel or CSV file. The file needs to contain five columns.

First Name, Last Name, Student ID, Password (Birthday is commonly used) and Voting Group (Grade Level is commonly used).

It does not matter what order the fields are in, they will be aligned on the next page. Below is the sample of the file.


Upload Students File

Click on the Students button available at the top bar and select the tab for Upload Students.
To upload the students file, click on the File button. This will open a window of folders and files on you computer from where you can find the spreadsheet containing the list of all students in the school. Select the file and click OK.
The spreadsheet should have a the file extension csv (comma separated variable), or xlsx (Excel).

Columns Mapping

  • IN your file, if the first row has a header row like the example above, select the toggle and the first row will not be imported. If your first student record is the first row, then do not select the toggle. 

    Next, match the columns in your file to Student ID, First Name, Last Name.

  • Voting Group allows you to separate out which students can vote in a particular election. Typically schools will use grade level to separate grade level elections.

  • For passwords if you have access to a student password you can upload that. Many schools will use birthday as a password to get students started.

    If students have changed their password you have the option to leave their passwords as is or choose Overwrite Password to reset with the new values being uploaded.

    If you are using Birthdates as your default student password, then select the toggle for Password are Dates. The birthdays will be updated as per the format m/d/yyyy (example 2/5/1997) and update the message to your students on the login page.

  • You can align the column to your Students’ Emails. If students have changed their email address, you have the option to not overwrite them. You can also replace them with what is in the file by turning on the toggle for Overwrite Email.

  • Click on the Import Students button to initiate the upload process

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