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Online Portal Setup

In this article, you will learn about setting up the Online Portal.

Online Portal

The online portal gives parents the option to purchase tickets to your events online. To enable the portal please contact

Once enabled you will need to create a Braintree account and add the account information to the System Settings.

System Values

You will need to add your Braintree Keys and Merchant ID in the System Settings under the Ticketing tab. Also if your fee's are different from the default, you can adjust those here.

Portal Registration Type

If user is having trouble registering for a portal account, email added in Portal email Support will be displayed to the user.
Secure Registration will require you to upload an email address that a portal user will verify during the registration process.

Open Registration will allow the portal user to use their selected email when registering for a portal account.

Event Setup

When you create an event, you will have the option to sell tickets online. When you turn on the toggle button, you will have an option to set the last day tickets will be available for sale on the portal. After that date they will no longer be able to purchase tickets from the online portal.

Portal Access

To have students and parents access the portal, you will use your regular URL and add a /portal at the end.

For example our demo site portal will be accessed at

By default anyone that goes to the URL will be able to see the events and the ticket prices. In order to purchase a ticket you will need a valid account.