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SFTP Automated Student Rosters

In this article, you will learn about configuring your automated student roster file. This is an addon option if you choose to automate your list of students into our platform nightly. 


We do not have knowledge of your student information system, your district IT team will be responsible for exporting out the data below. 


SFTP Credentials

Once we have Setup your SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) account you will receive and SFTP URL, Username and Password. Your SFTP location will only house your districts data and no other districts will have access to your files. Your SFTP account will have a folder titled Upload. You will Automate your file titled students.csv to the Upload folder. 


CSV File

File needs to include a header row with the following fields in the order below. Column titles need to be in all CAPS and have an underscore between each words as seen below. If you are unable to format it this way, please be sure to note that in your communication back to us. 

Items below that have a Check are required. Items below with a Circle is optional based on product and configuration.  


Upload Options

We will also need answers to the following questions when setting up your account. 

  • Do your students have Google Email accounts? (password is not required if using Google for SSO)
  • Do you want to wipe and reload students nightly? (typically the only time you would not want to do this is if you have additional users in your student table such as staff. Some schools will do this when using Ticketing and or Store)
  •  Do you want to overwrite emails with your nightly upload?  (Student email can be modified by students and staff in our system. If you choose to overwrite emails this will set it back to the district uploaded email each night. This can be changed after initial setup)
  • Do you want to overwrite passwords with your nightly upload? (Student passwords can be modified by students and staff in our system. If you choose to overwrite passwords, this will set the password back to the default each night.)
  • Are your passwords dates? (Districts sometimes use a student birthday at their initial password. If so we can format the date on import to m/d/yyyy)
  • We will also need a site ID map.  Provide a Excel or Google Sheet with Site ID’s and school labels so we can map them on the backend.