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Online Portal Walkthrough

In this article, you will learn how to use the Online Portal.


Place your custom portal URL on your school's website. The URL will be the same as your current Ticketing account with a /portal at the end. For example if your site is, your portal account will be
All events that are setup with Sell Tickets Online and the expiration date for selling tickets online has not expired will be displayed on the portal. If the user is not logged in, they will see all ticket prices.

Login / Buy Now

Clicking the Login / Buy Now button will prompt the user for their Student ID. If they have already created an account, clicking next will ask them for their password. There is also a forgot password feature on this page if they can not remember it and a password reset link will be sent to them.
If they don't have an account based on the type of registration you have setup, the next step will be different.

Open Registration

With open registration you are allowing the user to create their own account with any email of their choosing.
We first match the last name with the ID number and then prompt the user for an email address to verify. Once they enter the email address, an automated email will be sent out to verify their email address.
Clicking the link will allow the user to complete the registration process and create a password for their account.

Secure Registration

With Secure Registration, you will have to upload email addresses with your student file.

This can be an email for the student or the parent. Once you verify the student ID and last name an email will be sent to the email address on file and they will have to verify their account and create a password.

User Account (Logged In)

Once they have completed the registration process or logged in, they will have a few more options such as following:
They will only see the ticket prices that match their student type and guest tickets if available.
They will now see a Buy Now button

Buy Now

Clicking the Buy Now button will allow the user to add guests (if option is available for the event) and purchase the tickets using a credit card.

Printing Tickets

Once the sale has been completed, just like buying tickets in-person, the student can just bring their Student ID card.
If they wish to print the ticket out, they can use the Print button or find the print button under the History Icon.

View Purchase History

To view the history of purchases, click on the History button available at the top bar.
You can use the Search box to filter the history. Option of Print is available in case you need to print the tickets..