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Portal Purchased Product Pickup and Reports

In this article, you will learn about portal purchased product pickup and reports.

Find Student

Click on the Sales button available at the top bar.
When a student makes a purchase with the portal, you will be notified when you enter their Student ID number or Name on the main sales screen.

Mark as Picked Up

If the student has products to be picked up, you will see a popup displaying what the student has purchased. If the student is picking up the items, just click the Pick Up button.
If there are multiple quantities and they are not picking up all the items you can change the quantity prior to picking up the items. In this case the popup will be displayed next time the Student ID is entered displaying the remaining quantity to be picked up.
If you are not ready to give the products to the student, you can also click Done and the popup message will be displayed next time the Student ID is entered.


You can also click on the Pickup History tab to view purchased & picked up items history for the selected student .


All reports that can be affected by students purchasing items through the portal will have an option to display Portal Sales Only, Store plus Portal Sales or Store Sales Only

Items on Hold

  • Click on the On Hold by Item option. It will display the total number of items that are on hold by product. This is helpful when you are counting inventory and need to know how many of each item have not yet been picked up.

Click on the Reports button available at the top bar and select the tab for Inventory Reports.

  • Click on the On Hold by Student option and it will give you a list of students that have not yet picked up products. 

  • From this list you can mark kids as having picked up their product by clicking on the Picked Up button.