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Summary Reports

In this article, you will learn about the summary reports.

Total Sales

Summary Reports
  • By default, Total Sales tab is selected. You can also navigate to By Clerk and By Category types of reports. Read below for more details.

  • Using the calendar date-picker, specify the Date Range.

  • Once you have specified the Date Range and Select POS filters, click on the Submit button to retrieve the search results.

  • You can download the search results in Excel spreadsheet or PDF format by clicking on the icon respectively. The file will be saved to your computer/device which you can refer to offline.

  • Each product will be listed in its own line. The report will display details such as Quantity, Total for that specific product and the grand total.

To access, click on the Reports button available at the top bar and select the tab for Summary Reports.

By Clerk

By Clerk
  • Select the tab for By Clerk.

  • Specify the search criteria such as Date Range and Clerk, click on the Submit button to retrieve the results.

  • Each data row will display the Sales Clerk name, Cash Sales, Check Sales Credit Card Sales, PayPal Sales and Student Account Sales (no cash handled). Total Sales for each Sales Clerk is also displayed.

By Category

  • Select the tab for By Category.

  • Specify the search criteria such as Date Range and Category, click on the Submit button to retrieve the results.

  • Green font-colored records were purchased with student credit while red font-colored records represent Returns.

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