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Uploading Multiple Voting Groups

In this article, you will learn how to upload multiple voting groups.

Create CSV / Excel File

The first step in creating multiple voting groups is to get a file that has all the data points that you want to use to separate out your voters.
In this example, we are going to combine Gender and Grade so we can have 11th grade females in one group and 11th grade males in another.

Create New Column


Create a new column (for example “combined”) and then put your curser in the first row of data and click the Function (fx) Icon.

Search for Concatenate and click enter.

For Text1 click the first cell (for example D2 under grade) and for Text2 click the next cell (for example E2 under gender) and click Done.


Fill Down

You should now see the combined data in one cell in the new column. Next click the small square box in the bottom right corner and drag down the entire file so it copies the formula.

Copy the Data

Highlight the entire column (F in the example), right click and select Copy.


Paste Values

This is an important step here. We are now taking the formula and turning into raw data that can be imported. 
Find a new blank column, click the header and select Paste Special and select Values and that will duplicate the data in a new column. The difference is that when you click on the data it will show in the formula cell and if you click on the original column (F) it shows the formula.

Delete Old Columns

You can now delete the original columns (in our example Grade, Gender and Combined) and this will now leave us with just the new column that has the raw data. Be sure to keep the new combined data (in our example column I).

Save as CSV

The best way to upload your file is to use a CSV file format. So go Save As and choose the option CSV.

Upload your file

Next you go log into your voting account and Upload your file. Be sure to line up the columns by selecting the correct column in the drop down to match the fields.