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User Accounts

In this article, you will learn about managing user / staff accounts.

System Settings

You can access the System Settings for your school by clicking on the System Settings button available at the bottom-left on your screen.
This is how the dashboard i.e. your settings home page looks like. Your purchased products are available while our other products are available for you to explore.
To manage the users, click on the Users button available at the top bar.

Users List

  • To add a new staff member or user account, click on the Add Staff button.

  • You can search for existing users using the search textbox. By default, all active users are displayed. You can view inactive users by clicking on the View Inactive button.

  • Click on the Edit button against each user account to modify / update any changes.

To access users / staff list click on the Users button available at the top bar and select the tab for Staff.

Add User

  • First & Last Name – Enter the complete name in provided textboxes.

  • Email & Password – Enter a valid email address of the user. Also, enter a suggested password. Re-enter the same password in Password Again textbox.

  • Select the appropriate application access rights for the new user. There are three types: Limited, Basic and Super user. Once you have entered all the details, click on the OK button.

To add a new user / account, click on the Add Staff button. Here, select the tab for User Details.

  • After completing the basic user details, click on User Settings

  • Printer Settings will work across all application for that user. If using a thermal printer, turn the switch on and then choose the option to use a cash drawer or not and finally your printer name on your computer has to match exactly with the printer name on this form.

  • For each application there will be specific settings that you can configure below.

Click here to learn more about User Permission Levels

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