My Account


My Account

My Account allows you to see your application expiration date, request a quote and renew your account.

Only admin with permission to Manage Renewals can access this section.

Settings My Account
  • Select the My Account tab to view how many days you have left on your contract as well as renew your account.

  • Here you can view your invoice history and pay any open invoices by clicking on the Pay button.

  • Click on the Renewal button to proceed with the renewal process (explained below).

Click on the Configure button available at the top bar menu.

My Account - Invoice Pay

Settings Pay
  • System will auto-populate your Invoice ID and Total Price based on the number of unpaid products hosted.

  • You can select ‘Pay with Card’ (or pay via PayPal).

  • Enter your Card Number and Expiration Date.

  • Once you have entered the details, click on the Submit button to proceed with the payment process.

You can choose Invoice Pay by clicking on the Pay button available against your account history.

Account Renewal - I

Settings Renew 2
  • Renew By – Choose the desired option for how you would like to renew.

  • Renew For – Select the number of years you wish to renew your account for.

  • Online Portal – If you want to add the Online Portal to your account, select the option ‘(+ Online Portal)’ from the list.

Follow the steps below to complete the renewal process:

Account Renewal - II

Settings Renew 3
  • Application Owner – Select the owner from the dropdown. If the person name does not exist in the system, please add a new user by clicking on the Create New User button.

  • PO Number (Optional) – If you have a purchase order number which you would like to be included in the invoice, then please enter it here.

  • Review the entered information and click on the Submit button. If you choose renewal options related to renew now, your account will instantly be renewed.

    The logic we use is adding 365 days to your current expiration date. So if your account is not expired, you will receive 365 days (per renewal year) from your current expiration date.

Follow the steps below to complete the renewal process:

There are three ways you can renew your account depending on your school district policy:

1. Send me a quote, but do not renew yet: This will NOT renew your account. Often schools need a quote in order to generate a Purchase Order (PO). Once you processed a PO, you can send it to and we will process your order.
2. Renew now and pay by credit card: This first option will allow you to enter your credit card information and instantly renew your account. A paid invoice will be sent to your email.
3. Renew now and send me an invoice to pay by Check: This option will renew your account instantly and an invoice will be sent to your email address which you can pay by check only.