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Configure your Portal and Products

In this article, you will learn about configuring your portal and products.

In order to use the portal you need to create a merchant account with either Braintree or Meritus / Paysafe.
To decide which one is right for you, please read this article.

Public Portal (System Value)

Click on the System Settings option available on the left menu. 
Click on System from the top right menu and then click on Store to find the store settings. Click the link Public Portal and change the setting from Disabled to "Enabled with ProPay payment processor" ProPay will be our core Credit Card Integration moving forward.
Once option is selected, click on the OK button to save the changes.

Public Portal Login Message

You can modify the custom message to assist students / parents with logging in by clicking on the Edit button.

ProPay Connector

Under Global Settings you will find ProPay Account Number, Private and Public Keys. The Account number is auto populated, please do not change this. This number is put in once you have created a ProPay Account. If you don't see a number here, go to Payment Gateway and fill out the application.
After filling out the form, Software 4 Schools will be notified and typically one day later you should see the Private and Public keys. If you have an account number but don't have the keys, please reach out to

Braintree Connector

If using Braintree, you would have received the following three values: Merchant ID, Private Key and Public Key.
Enter the three values here.

Meritus Connector

If using Meritus you would have received two values: Merchant ID and Merchant Key.
Enter the two values here.

Student Only vs. Anonymous Access

If you want your portal to be public where students, parents and guests can register, set Allow Anonymous Portal to Yes. If you want only students to access the portal set this to No

Product Setup for Portal

Next you need to configure products to be displayed on the Portal. Go to Products and Edit a product that you wish to be displayed on the Portal.

Show on Portal and Pickup

Show on Portal will display the selected product on the portal. If you do not want parents to purchase specific products, click on the toggle to turn it off.


Store Pickup allows parents to purchase an item online and then notifies the cashier that the student has purchased an item for pick-up. When an item is sold online, it will be removed from inventory so you can't oversell items that have not yet been picked-up. Leaving this on is good for physical items like a Binders and Sweatshirt. If you are selling digital item like a donation or dance ticket you might want to turn this off and it just records that the student made the purchase.

Portal URL

The link / URL to your portal is the same as the link to your site with a "/portal" at the end.
For example if you have : as your site,
your portal will be

View for "Allow Anonymous Portal" = No

When a user goes to your portal page they will be prompted to login with student ID and Password. If this is the first time, they will use the register button. 

View our Portal Walkthrough Help doc For more details on the user experience 

View for "Allow Anonymous Portal" = Yes

When a user goes to your portal page they will see all products except those that have the setting "Must be sold to a student". From there they can either Create an Account or Sign in by clicking on their user type. 

View our Portal Walkthrough Help doc For more details on the user experience