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In this article, learn how to manage the products categories. Splitting products in categories has several benefits. It helps to organize products on your sales screen and also allows for specific users to only sell products within their category.

Categories List

  • You can search for a particular category by entering the filter value in the Search textbox. 

  • To add a new category, click on the Add Category button.

  • The color for a category is displayed on the list.

  • You can edit existing category by clicking on the Edit button. Read below for details.

To access, click on the Products button available at the top bar and select the tab for Categories.

Add or Edit Category

  • Choose a title for the category.

  • Enter a description.

  • Choose a sort order that the category will be displayed in. 1 will be the first category on top.

  • Choose a color for that category . Read below for details.

  • Review the details and click on the Add button to save the information.

When you click on the Edit button, this pop-up window will appear on your screen.

Selecting Color

You can click on the color and select the desired color by either entering value in the RGB textboxes or by selecting color from the screen. You can also use color-picker to select the desired color for the product category.