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In this article, you will learn how to manage the Attendance and use the Refund option.


Attendance 1
  • You can search for particular student by entering the text in the textbox. You can also use the dropdown next to the Search textbox to filter the records.

  • Select one or more records by clicking on the checkboxes. Once selected, system will show more action buttons. Read below for more details.

Click on the Events button from the top bar and select the tab for Attendance.

Attendance - More Options

Attendance Detail
  • Select a record by clicking on the checkbox. System will show buttons with more options.

  • Refund – It will allow you to refund a ticket if the student has not attended the event. (see below for more details)

    Reprint – It will print a duplicate ticket.

    Delete Ticket – It will completely delete the ticket and the transaction for that student selected.

    Delete Checkin – It will remove the check-in time for that student thus, allowing to check-in again.

    Delete Checkout – It will remove the checked out time for that student thus, allowing to check-out again,

Issuing Refunds

  • Select Refund Code / Reason from the dropdown.

  • Review the changes and click on the OK button to complete the refund process.

Click on the Refund button appearing upon selection of the student from the list. A pop-up window will appear with refund details.

Refund Reasons

When you click on the Refund Code dropdown, the displayed list of reasons appear. Select the appropriate reason when issuing refunds.

Refund Not Allowed - Student Already Attended

In this case you cannot issue a refund because the student has already attended to event.
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