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Upload Student Pictures

In this article, you will learn how to mass upload pictures and automatically associate them to the students.


You must have App Owner or Super User permission in order to add student pictures. 

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Uploading Pictures


We recommend that you only upload around 500 images at a time.

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  • From any module if you have App owner or Super User permissions you can click on System Settings

  • Click Users from the top menu

  • Click Upload Pictures

  • To add new pictures click on the + File button. Your student pictures need to be in the format Student_ID.jpg (example 232354.jpg) 

Go into System Settings

  • Either Select the first image, hold the Shift key down and select the last image or you can click (Command / Control + A) to select all images in a folder.

  • Click Open to select the images.

Locate the folder with your student pictures. 

  • After you select your images you will start to see thumbnails show up on the screen. This is just a preview, your student images have not yet been uploaded at this stage.

  • Click Upload All, and you will start to see data on the right of the button start to move and will show the percent complete as we upload your student images.

  • If there is no matching student ID number you will see “Warning Student ID not found“. If you upload names students later that have a matching ID number it will automatically connect that student to this picture.

  • If the system finds a matching student ID number you will see “Student FIRST NAME LAST NAME“.

  • If you need to remove an individual student picture, you can use the Delete button or check multiple student records using the check box on the right and click the Delete button on top of the list.

Once uploaded you will see one of 2 messages. 

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