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Upload Students

In this article, you will learn how to upload students into the Ticketing database. Follow the instructions below.

Upload Students File

Upload Students
  • Click on the Students button at the top bar.

  • To upload the students file, click on the File button. This will open a window of folders and files on you computer from where you can find the spreadsheet containing the list of all students in the school. Select the file and click OK.

    The spreadsheet should have a the file extension.csv (comma separated variable), or xlsx (Excel)

    Following columns should be included in the spreadsheet: Student ID, First Name, Last Name, Grade (typically 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) and Email.

Columns Mapping

Mapping Columns
  • If your spreadsheet contains first row as headers then you may select Yes in this dropdown. 

    Map all labels with correct columns by selecting values from the dropdowns.

  • Review the selected information and click on the Import Students button. You will be notified with a success message.

You need to ensure that the spreadsheet columns are correctly mapped with the fields. If not done correctly, you will have to deactivate all students and start this process again.


The database knows each student by their unique Student ID. You can upload students who are are already in the database and the program will ignore duplicates, though it will update spelling changes or grade levels. Furthermore, if any students in your upload were previously Deactivated they will automatically get Reactivated.

All of this data is available in your School Information System. You can ask your Attendance Clerk to export the names, IDs and grade levels into a spreadsheet and email it to you as an attachment.

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