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Upload Students

In this article, you will learn how to upload students into the Intervention database. Follow the instructions below.

Preparing the Spreadsheet

To upload your student data, you will need an Excel or CSV file. For Basic Students Fields option, the file needs to contain five columns (1 to 4).

Student ID, First Name, Last Name, Grade

Your file can also contain Call Slip Location if you want to print call slips that display the location for them to be sent.
It does not matter what order the fields are in, they will be aligned on the next page. Above is the sample of the file.

Upload Students

Click on the Students button available at the top bar and select the tab for Upload Students.
To upload the students file, click on the File button. This will open a window of folders and files on you computer from where you can find the spreadsheet containing the list of all students in the school. Select the file and click OK.
You can also change the option for Basic Students Fields or Include Last Period Location. 

The spreadsheet should have a the file extension csv (comma separated values), or xlsx (Excel).

Columns Mapping

  • In your file, if the first row has a header row like the example above, select the toggle and the first row will not be imported. If your first student record is the first row, then do not select the toggle. 

  • Notice the small up/down arrows. This indicates you have a dropdown box here. Click the dropdown and you will see all the other values available. Match the columns in your file to Student ID, First Name, Last Name and Grade.

    Review the mapping and once finalized, click on the Import Students button to initiate the upload process.

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