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Upload Pictures

In this article, you will learn how to upload pictures for all of your students.

Preparing the Pictures

Upload Pictures 1
  • Click on the Students button available at the top bar.

  • Click on the Upload Pictures tab.

  • To open the images folder on your computer, click on the Files button. Select all pictures to be uploaded in the folder by pressing Ctrl+A. Click on OK or Confirm.

  • Click the Upload button to start the copying process into your school database. Be patient – it takes a while to complete this. The larger the files are, the longer it will take. Further uploads will replace the existing images where Student IDs match.

You should be able to get a folder with all the student images either from the Year Book company that photographs all your students, or from an administrator who knows where they are stored.

All pictures MUST be labelled with the student ID. If the image names differ from the student ID the application will not be able to connect the student to the image.

All pictures MUST be in the .jpg format.

The Pictures Page

Upload Students Pictures
  • The name of the image on file. It will also show warning in case student ID is not found. To download individual image, click on the file name.

  • Sizes of the images are visible here. Ideally, they should be under 100 KB.

  • Cancel All button will remove all the images before they are fully uploaded while the Delete button can be used to delete all images.

  • To delete individual images, click on the Delete button available against each image.

This is how the pictures upload page will look when the process is complete.


There is no search functionality on this page. The images are sorted alphabetically by last name. You can also find images from the main students page.

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