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Preparing for Next School Year

In this article, you will lean how to prepare for the next school year. 

Print Reports or Export Data

We always recommend that you export or print out any reports that you might need for any future audits that might come up. One important report we recommend you print off is the Transactions Log.
You should run this from the beginning of the school year to the end of the school year which will create a report with every single transaction that happened in the system for that date range. If you run monthly reports you may not need to do this.

Update your Inventory

We recommend that you take some time to balance out your inventory.
You will want to make sure your physical inventory matches your inventory in the application.
You can use the "Add Inventory" option to add new inventory or the "Remove Inventory" option to balance out and remove any expired inventory from the end of last school year.

Clean Up Students Data

You need to remove all students from the prior school year. To do so, click on the Configure button available at the top bar and select the tab for Mass Updates.
Deactivating all of your students will not remove any student records or transactions, it just makes them inactive.
Select the Mass Deactivate/Active Students option and select Deactivate from the dropdown.
Click on the Do It! button.

Clean Up User Accounts

  • Select the tab for Staff.

  • Select the checkboxes against the users and system will show the button for Deactivate.

  • Click on the Deactivate button.

The next step is to make sure you have deactivate all users that should not have have access to the software anymore. To access, Click on the bottom-left button named System Settings. Click on the Users button available at the top bar.

Update Account Status

Make sure your account is not going to expire when you need it. To check the status of your account, click on the Configure button at the top bar and select the tab for My Account. You can see your account expiration date.
You can renew your account with a PO / Check or Credit Card right from this page by clicking on the Renewal button.

Upload Students

Now that your application is all cleared out it is time to get ready for the upcoming school year.
You will need to get a list of students. The list needs to include Student ID, First name, Last name and Grade Level and E-mail (optional).
Click on the Students button at the top bar and select the tab for Upload Students.
Click on the File button and import your student file.

Ready to Sell

Your Store 4 Schools application is ready to go. You can add new products as required.
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