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Paysafe: Link your Merchant Account

In this article, you will learn about connecting your Paysafe merchant account to Store 4 Schools

Payment XP

  • On the left side under Links click on Virtual Terminal

Start by logging into your payment XP account which is provided to you by Paysafe.

  • Once in Virtual Terminal under Settings click on Gateway Options

  • Under the General Tab you will find your ID and Merchant ID. These keys will have to be copied and pasted into our system values.

  • Also below the API Credentials you will find test mode. You can turn this on Test if you want to run a credit card without it actually charging the credit card. When testing our system will create a transaction which will have to be voided. 

  • Here you can also set the Settlement Time that you want PaySafe to process your daily transactions.

Store 4 Schools (System Values)

Access the System Settings available at the left panel and click on the System Values button available at the top bar. Select the tab for Store.

  • Click on the Edit button and enter the Meritus Merchant ID and Meritus Merchant Key from your Payment XP account. Please note here Meritas was acquired by PaySafe, but the name in our system still reflects Meritas

Credit Card Reader

Next Step:

Connect your credit card reader to your computer using a USB cable and you are ready to go. Be sure you configure your card reader before initial use.