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Paysafe: Create a Merchant Account

In this article, you will learn about creating a merchant account.


What you will need?

1. Federal Tax ID number (501 c3 if you have one).
2. Checking account routing number and account number.
3. Scanned copy of a voided check.
4. One trade reference (someone that you currently do business with like a supplier).

Getting Started

Credit Card processing through Store 4 Schools can currently only be done using a third party. To process credit cards directly through our application, click here to get started. Below you will see screen shots of what the process will look like. We have also added some tips below each screen shots to assist you with some of the answers. If you need any assistance with the application, please contact Paysafe directly.


If you need assistance or have questions on the Software 4 Schools side, you can contact us as well.



Creating A Merchant Account (Step 1)

* Tip – When filling out the application, if you put your mouse over the title of a field, a description will pop up.


  • Business DBA Name is your School Name.
  • Business Contact should be the main person who will be managing the Store 4 Schools Software.

  • Ownership Type – If you choose Tax Exempt, you will be required to submit a 501 c3. If you don’t have access to a 501 c3, then we recommend that you select private corp.
  • Business Start Date – This should be the approximate date the School was founded.
  • IRS Reporting Type – You should only need to check Check Taxpayer ID No.
  • Description of Products or Services – We default School Supplies, but feel fee to modify this section to represent what you actually sell.
  • Suggested Description – This is the display name for charges on the customer credit card statement. For example (Orange view Snack-bar).
  • Business Location – Choose Other for a School Setting.
  • Zone – Unless your School is in a Business zone, we recommend you choose Residential.