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Paysafe: Change Credit Card Reader to Keyboard Mode

If you have have purchased a new credit card reader, in order for it to work with our software, you will need to make sure it is in Keyboard mode. Please follow the steps in this order.
  1. Download USB Swipe & Insert Reader.
    (Must be done on a Windows PC computer)
    1. Here is a direct link, 
    2. If that does not work try this page and go to Demo Program or find the download for USB Swipe & Insert Reader. 

  • When installing the application, you will have an option to Install the USBMSR Demo Source Code. Check No and click Next

  • Run the USBMSR Demo App

  • Plug in the Credit Card reader into a USB port and when you run the application you will see a message Please wait, trying to detecting USB Device at the bottom of the screen.

  • After your USB card reader is detected, on the Send Message section type in

    01 10 01

    (there is space between each 2 digits)

    Click Send Msg

  • You will then see results that will
    look like this. 

  • You should now see Detected Keyboard Mode Device. If so you are all set and ready to use your credit card reader.