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  • The left navigation will allow you to go between applications. Any applications that you have access to based on your user permissions and school purchase will show up above the line. Any applications that your school does not own or are expired will show up below the line.

  • Depending on the application that you are working in the top navigation will change. This is how you will access the tools provided in the specific application.

  • The center is where you will see all of your content. Currently in this view there are no announcements yet. When you click Create One Now it will take you to the popup screen where you can add a new announcement.

There are two parts to the navigation. 

  • Home – This is where you will find an overview of the current day announcements.

  • Announcements – To create, view or edit announcements you will access them here. You will also have a page where you can read them and email them to your staff.

  • Calendar – View your announcements in a calendar view

  • Reports – Find all system reports in this section.

  • Configure – If you are a Super user, you can access configure groups, auto send features, upload your logo and manage your account.

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