My Account


Preparing For Next School Year

To prepare for the next school year, follow the steps below.

Renew Your Account

  • Here you can view how many days you have left on your contract.

  • At any point you can request a quote, or renew your account with a PO number or pay by credit card. In order to proceed with renewal process, click on Renew Now button.

    To learn more, click here to read My Account article.

To access the page to renew your account, click on the Configure button available at the top bar on your dashboard. Select My Account tab.

Deactivate Old Announcements

Manage Announcements
  • To ensure all announcements are visible, select the filter for All Announcements.

  • Check all the announcements on the page using the checkboxes.

  • Click on the Deactivate button to put all of the announcements into an inactive status.

    Because announcements are date driven, leaving them active will not do any harm.


Some schools like to reuse announcements year after year by changing the date for the announcements to the current year and updating the text. If you plan to reuse announcements, you can skip this step. If you don’t reuse announcements, we suggest that you do the following.

Click on the Announcements button available at the top bar. Now, select the All Announcements tab.

Deactivate Staff no Longer at the School

  • Click on the User Accounts tab to view all accounts.

  • Select the checkboxes on the left of the users you would like to deactivate. You can also use Search textbox to filter.

  • Click on the Deactivate button to deactivate selected users accounts.

On your home screen’s left menu, click on the System Settings option.