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Google Single Sign On (SSO)


Must be a super user to configure Google Sign On.

We also recommend you test this with students prior to an election to be sure district Google configuration is compatible with our software. 

  • Click On System Values

  • About half way down the page under the General Settings you will find 4 options. Staff Login with Google and Staff Login with Password allow you to turn one of the options off so all staff must login with either Google or password.

  • Below that you will find the options for Students. By default Student Login with Google will be set to No (off). If you decide to turn it on, you will have the option to leave Student Login with Password on or you can shut that off. Turning login with password off  provides extra security so that only students at your school that have a valid Google school email will be able to login. If you leave sign in with password on, then you can allow students two methods to login and vote. 

Go to System Settings

  • When uploading students and if you are using Google Sign on option you are required to provide a student email in your file. 

  • If you have both options turned on (Login with Password & Login with Google) then you will need to provide a password on your upload file. Please read uploading students for more details.  If you are only using Login with Google you do not need to upload Portal Password.

Student Upload

  • When Login with Password is turned on your students will see the user ID and user Password fields. 

  • If Sign in with Google is turned on your students will also will see the blue Sign in with Google button. For Sign in with Google all students have to do is click the blue button and if they are logged into their student Google account they will go right into the application. If not they will be prompted for their school credentials. 

Voting Login Page

  • When Student Sign in with Password is turned off, students will only see the Sign in with Google button.

Google Only