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Braintree: Create and Connect a Merchant Account

In this article, you will learn about creating and connecting a Braintree merchant account 

Click here to create a Braintree Account. 



Create Merchant Account

  • Choose Location
  • Business Details and the rest of the requirements on the page

Fill out the application for your school

Add PayPal Processing

  • Click the Cog Wheel

  • Select Processing

Once your account is enabled you will need to setup the processing options. 

  • Click the Switch for PayPal (screenshot to the right is already enabled)

Enable Processing for PayPal and any other options. Each will have its own configuration and agreements (not all are supported at this time)

Create API Key

  • Click on the Cog Wheel

  • Click on API

After you have created your account you will need to generate an API key. 

  • Click on Generate New API Key

  • Public Key

  • Private Key

  • Merchant ID

After creating a new API key copy the three fields below to be entered into our system. 

Store 4 Schools - System Values

  • Select the tab for Store.

  • Click on the Edit button for each (Braintree Merchant ID, Braintree Private Key & Braintree Public Key) and paste the keys and merchant ID from the step above.

Go into your Software 4 Schools application click on System Settings in the bottom left corner and then System Values in the top right corner. For Store click on the Store tab to enter your 

Ticketing 4 Schools - System Values

  • Click the Ticketing Tab to use configure your Ticketing portal to use Braintree

  • Click Edit for all Braintree settings. Note that Braintree changes their rates, you can adjust that here if different then our defaults.