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Braintree: Create and Connect a Merchant Account

In this article, you will learn about creating and connecting a Braintree merchant account 

Click here to create a Braintree Account. Below are instructions to help guide you through the process.

After you created an account

Once you finish filling out the form, you will receive an email to create an account. When you login to the Braintree site you will see 3 API keys on the bottom of the main page: Merchant ID, Public Key and Private Key. One at a time you will copy each number and paste it into your Store Account in the System Values section.

Add PayPal as an option

If you have a PayPal account and want users to be able to pay with PayPal, you can enable PayPal by going to Settings > Processing and clicking the Edit button under Accepting PayPal. PayPal will take 1-2 business days to process your account and then you will be able to accept PayPal through your portal.

Store 4 Schools - System Settings

  • Select the tab for Store.

  • Click on the Edit button against the Braintree Merchant ID, Private & Public Key and add the numbers from your Braintree account.

Access the System Settings available at the left panel and click on the System Values button available at the top bar.

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