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Access Code

You can create an access code that can be used for creating new accounts. This is an easy way to allow your students or staff members to create accounts. In order for them to create an account  they will need the access code (can be changed) and the date must be within the Start and End dates.
Access Code with Email Text
  • Access Code – Enter the code you would like to send to the users to help them in creating their accounts.

  • Start & End Date – Select the dates during which the access code will be applicable for the users to create accounts.

  • User Level – Select the level from the dropdown menu. It includes Teacher, Admin & Student.

  • Review the entered information and click on the Create button.

  • When you click on the Create button, an email message is available for you to copy and send as email.

Click on the Configure button available at the top bar. Now, click on the Access Code tab.

Login Screen - Create Account

Login Screen
  • Click on the Create Account button.

To create a user, click on the URL or link of the website provided in the email. You will be redirected to the login screen.

Submit Access Code to Create Account

Access Code Create Account 1
  • Enter the access code provided in the email.

  • Click on the Submit button.

Add User Account
  • First Name – Enter your first name.

  • Last Name – Enter your last name.

  • User ID – Enter your chosen user ID.

  • Password – Choose a strong password which is also easy to remember.

  • Confirm Password – Enter your password again to confirm.

  • Email – Enter your email address.

  • Birthday – Select your birthday using the date picker.

  • Review the entered information and click on the Add User button.

After the entered access code is verified, you will be redirected to the screen of Add User Account.

There are 3 users levels to choose from:

Admin can access the entire application in user management, system settings and announcements.
Teachers can create and edit announcements as well as approve student announcements. Teachers can not email announcements or access any system settings.
Students can create announcements that need approval. Student accounts can only edit their own announcement. Students can not email announcements or access any system settings.

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