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Just Released: App Switcher

Our new multi-product “App Switcher” makes it easier for you to manage all your Software 4 Schools products with one login.

You can now use the “App Switcher” to navigate between products and our main dashboard.

Here’s How to Use the New App Switcher

Login to your application directly or use the new global login

The App Switcher in the top right corner of your application. Just click a product icon and you are automatically logged in.

Special Offer $100 on New Product

Add a new Software 4 Schools Application by September 29 and receive $100 off your purchase! Our applications are designed to encourage greater student engagement and will save you valuable time.

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*Only valid for new purchases. Offer does not apply to renewals on currently owned products.








Digitize your school’s voting system to easily access comprehensive election information. Students can vote online and staff will receive results instantly. Secure online voting with a user friendly interface, this app is perfect for socially distanced elections, surveys and questionnaires. Learn more.

Streamline sales for school events and sports games. Record a students entry and exist to monitor contact tracing or track engagement to award spirit points. Scanning your student ID cards can be done through a computer / scanner, bluetooth scanner our our free mobile phone app that allows you to scan with your camera. Learn more.

Manage inventory, purchases, and student accounts digitally for large school stores or off-site events. Socially distant, remote purchases by parents and students can be made on any device and collected with utmost convenience. Learn more.

Organize school announcements on a single platform with calendar, TV monitor, and email options. Give teachers and your leadership students the ability to write their own announcements and schedule them to be read and emailed out daily.  Learn more.

Track minor infractions using student ID cards and automatically assign interventions based on the type and quantity of infractions.  Learn more.