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When purchasing our software and hardware you can use a district PO or credit card. There is a 3% charge for credit cards when the purchase amount is over $1,000.

When using a PO the typical process is we send you a quote, you then generate a PO and send that back to us. That means the district has approved the purchase. We will then set up your account and ship out any hardware along with an invoice to be paid by your district within 30 days.

When using a PO we follow the typical process with educational purchases. We send you a quote, your school or district generates a PO and then sends that back to us. We will then set up your account and ship out any hardware along with an invoice to be paid by your district within 30 days. 

We typically have your software setup in 1 business day.  Typical delivery time for hardware is 3-5 days as long as the items are in stock. PO’s can be sent to or faxed to (866)757-7226

Contracts are 365 days from purchase. We do offer multiple year contracts upon request. Multiple year contracts are paid up front, and keeps the price locked in for that period of time.

Our software is available to demo for free prior to purchasing. Please test the software thoroughly to make sure it is the correct fit for your needs. Once payment has been made for software we can only apply the amount paid to either a future renewal or another Software 4 Schools application. When using a PO, there are no refunds on software after 30 days. 


Hardware: Unopened including scanners, printers and computers can be returned within 25 days. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs. Some hardware can be opened and still returned, but it depends on manufacture and product. If opened, all cables, manuals and packaging must be included. There may be a restocking fee up to %15 percent depending on the product and manufacture. If you need to return any hardware, please contact us and any restocking fees from the manufacturer will be passed along to the customer. You will be made aware of all fees prior to returning the hardware. All refunds can take up to 30 days for processing from the date that all software has been uninstalled and hardware returned. Damaged or broken hardware will be replaced if notified within 15 days at no additional cost.

You can use any serial, USB or Bluetooth barcode scanner. We have tested all of the scanners we sell on our site and they are compatible with our software. If you are using your own scanners, we recommend that you test it with our demo version of our software.

Our software is web based and will work on Mac, PC, Chromebook, iPad and Android devices. We recommend the latest version of your web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox)

When using a thermal printer, or cash drawer, you will have to install Java and our Java application called QZ tray. This will limit your options to just PC or MAC. 

When using our software with the in person credit card integration (credit card swiper), this will also limit your options to PC and MAC.

When using a thermal printer you will have to install Java and our Java app called QZ tray. 

We do have mobile apps that work on Android and Apple IOS. 

There are three methods to accomplish this. 

We can automate from your student information system. This updates nightly and will require your district to send us a file nightly.

You can manually upload a .csv (comma separated value) that includes student first name, student last name, id number and grade level. 

You can manually enter student names directly into the platform. This works best if you are using the manual upload option and just want to add a few additional students here and there.

Yes, there is both a web portal and mobile app that allows students to (vote, take surveys, buy dance tickets, purchase school supplies, earn and redeem spirit points, digital ID, digital hall passes, and view school announcements. Family and guests can also use our portal and mobile app with the exception of the digital ID, digital hall pass, and spirit point rewards.

Our platform has a built-in digital ID card, which means that a student’s phone or mobile device can become their student ID card with a barcode on it. 

If you are using physical plastic ID cards, typically you can ask your school photographer to provide student ID and include the barcode. 

As a third option, we also have a barcode font where you can convert student ID numbers into barcode fonts and export them to labels to put on the student ID card. 

Finally,  all of our applications also allow you to look up a student by first name, last name or student ID number so barcodes are not required, just speeds up the process.

Our software is sold as a school license that includes your entire staff to have access to the platform.

Our software is sold as a school license that includes your entire student population. We understand that students move in and out of school so our pricing is based on bands that will allow for that flexibility.

To just use our basic platform, no. If you plan to use a thermal printer or electric cash drawer, then you will need to install a small Java application.

Yes, we sell to both individual schools as well as implement across the entire district. The advantage with a district implementation is the consistency across the district as well SSO and automation options.